Board of Directors and Wrenches

These are the friendly faces that run Worcester Earn-A-Bike and serve the greater Worcester cycling community. Those BOD members that have a wrench icon next to their name are also Wrenches.

Board of Directors

IMG_7017Patrick Goguen (ex-officio) is a Worcester baser maker. You can see him biking around on bicycles he’s designed and fabricated. He can no longer tell where WEAB ends and he begins. He is committed to empowering people by putting tools into their hands, fostering the development and appreciation for the multitudes of different cycling cultures, and community engagement in the Worcester area.

 Kyle Schulz hails from the fresh coast (Milwaukee, WI). He’s been working on bikes since he was 6 and has biked from Milwaukee, WI to Nacogdoches, TX. He brings his mostly self-taught mechanic skills to WEAB through a social justice and environmental justice lens. Kyle is currently working on learning Spanish so he can better connect with patrons. When he’s not at WEAB he’s brewing kombucha, tending to his plants, or taking a walk in the woods.

messagesAt first glance, David Dayan is an unapologetic retro-grouch, but what draws him to cycling in general, and earn-a-bike in particular, is the diversity of the bicycle’s appeal. To feel like you’re flying, to clear your head, so there is “one less car” on the road, to get to work, that everlasting wheelie… everyone rides for their own reason. David loves community bike shops because they empower everyone, no matter why they ride.

Lesli Cohen is a Worcester-based writer, editor, teacher, and advocate who is happiest when her multi-tasking involves being on two wheels. In her previous life she oversaw a posse of contributors to, a satire and commentary website focusing on the world of pro bike racing. She has pedaled her way around the mountains of France and Spain, but finds a Slow Roll (followed by pizza) with the Earn-a-Bike crew much more spiritually satisfying. Her motto is “If you build it, they will ride.” She also serves as the co-President of the Central Mass Chapter of Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike), races singlespeed cyclocross and gravel endurance events for the Fritz’s Bike Shop/3cross Adventure Squad, and is a part-owner in the 3cross Fermentation Cooperative.


Kim McCoy has been a bicycle commuter and amateur mechanic for old bikes for 50 years, a MassBike advocate for 35 years, Seven Hills Wheelmen Secretary for 15 years, and our treasurer for 14 years. He is inspired by the much greater expertise and commitment of our shop managers.

sp3511Jon Marien comes to WEAB having served as an Americorps VISTA, as an organizer of the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team, and as a Community Advocate for NeighborWorks. Jon currently serves as a Special Olympics Ski Coach, Housing Rights Chair for the Worcester chapter of the NAACP, and is an Appalachian Mountain Club Youth leader. With a new found focus on his health Jon has become passionate about cycling and wants to share that passion with others.

Jessica Colman

Elliot Rivera

Brian Monteverd

Coqui Negron

Stacie Brimmage

Ali Soofi

Ziray DeJesus

Ishan Birchett, Sr.


These are the trained mechanics that will assist you with all your bicycle needs, and run programming.

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