Shop Managers

These are the friendly faces that run Worcester Earn-A-Bike and serve the Worcester cycling community.

IMG_7017Patrick Goguen is a Massachusetts based Creative. You can see him biking around on bicycles he’s designed and fabricated. He began volunteering at WEAB in the spring of 2014, and it quickly became his second home. He is committed to empowering people by putting tools into their hands, fostering the development and appreciation of cycling culture and community activism in the Worcester Area.


WP_20160528_15_47_11_Pro (2) Kyle Schulz hails from the fresh coast (Milwaukee, WI). He’s been working on bikes since he was 6 and has biked from Milwaukee, WI to Nacogdoches, TX. He brings his mostly self-taught mechanic skills to WEAB through a social justice and environmental justice lens. Kyle is currently working on learning Spanish so he can better connect with patrons. When he’s not at WEAB he’s brewing kombucha, tending to his plants, or taking a walk in the woods.


Kim McCoy kimhas been a bicycle commuter and amateur mechanic for old bikes for 45 years, a MassBike advocate for 34 years, SevenHills Wheelmen Secretary for 15 years, and our treasurer for 10 years. He is inspired by the much greater expertise and commitment of our shop managers.




Suzzette “Sue” Bernard

A shop manager since 2009, I’ve seen many changes, all improvements, in WEAB. I’m looking forward to many more years with WEAB teaching bike repair and advocating for a greater reliance on and use of bicycles in our culture. And, with the sheer variety of ways bikes are employed and with the voluminous design changes over the decades, I’m guaranteed many more pleasurable years living in the world of bikes.

Sue also runs a cycling themed meetup group.


Charlie Madden

Why do I cycle…

I bike for fun, getting for point a to point b, without paying for gas, to meet folks with similar interest… cause I can for alittle bit longer.

Charlie is our eldest Shop Manager, he has designed nationally recognized bike tours, biked from coast to coast, lived in a multitude of cycling communities, and has made friends with cyclists of all kinds. He manages the relationships between Worcester Earn-A-Bike and Bike stores and the regional recycling center.