Our marquee program engages people of all social and economic means empowering them to volunteer and learn basic bicycle maintenance, while earning  a FREE bicycle. Participants can choose a bike; from our selection of earn-able bicycles after volunteering ten hours towards our shop operation and then build it up with tools and parts from the shop. Volunteer tasks typically include organizing parts, striping bicycles, building bikes for donation or sale, or generally helping in the shop. If you have a skill or interest that you think could benefit a non-profit bicycle shop, let us know! All volunteer hours count towards earning a bicycle. We’d love your help with things like fundraising, grant writing, database management, or any other skill you want to bring to our organization. We welcome all people to volunteer with us.


Youth Earn-A-Bike (under 17 years old)

Our youth program is similar to our adult program, except youth earn their first bike in five hours and spend that time learning skills by building up their own bike with the help of a shop manager.

 Earned Bicycle 101

bike_repair_cartoonBicycles earned will always need some work in order to be road safe.

That work must be done after the volunteer hours needed to earn the bicycle.

Please come early during volunteer hours as we do turn away people after reaching capacity for the day.

Time spent on personal projects does not count towards volunteer hours.

Project bikes cannot leave the shop with Shop Manager Approval.

Each Bicycle Earned in a calendar year takes double the amount of hours. 10, 20, 40, 80, etc…

Women and Trans Open Shop

WP_20160602_19_30_25_ProDue to Staffing Shortages Women And Trans Night will no longer operate in 2017. If you are a fem mechanic and are interested in volunteering and running a WTF night please contact us.

Women and Trans Night operates just like our other shop hours, but it is a space reserved solely for women and trans  folks. We welcome people with all levels of experience with bicycle mechanics and encourage those who have knowledge to share what they know. We strive to make Women and Trans night as safe a space as possible for learning, socializing, and empowering our selves and each other.



Open Shop

During Open Shop Hours we have bike stands available for anyone to use on a drop in basis. That includes a full array of normal bicycle tools for each stand. And specialty tools like crank pullers, spoke tensioners, hub keys, etc… to use with Shop Manager guidance. We are here to assist you by being facilitators of the space, and will teach you the necessary skills to repair and do maintenance on your on bicycle. We have a full array of new and spare parts some for sale, others earn-able in exchange for volunteer shop time.  We do hope that if you use the space and tools you will kindly leave a small donation at the door.