COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Worcester Earn-a-Bike Covid 19 Procedures for Safe Bike Repairs

Safety First


The below procedures are for safe handling of bicycles that are donated to EAB and bicycles dropped off for emergency repairs. For participants looking for repairs try to walk through a fix either through a phone call or video. If repair cannot be done virtually then set up time for bicycle to be dropped off.

  1. Receiving Bike Donations
    1. Donations will be arranged by phone, email or text.
    1. Location for drop off or pick up agreed on beforehand  by EAB Volunteer and participant
    1. Participant will leave Bike(s) outside at the location that was agreed on to ensure no close contact between people
    1. Once participant is a safe distance away (at least 6 feet), EAB Volunteer can accept the bike(s)
    1. When EAB volunteers are picking up bikes:
      1. Volunteer should wear gloves and mouth covering
      1. Bike should be wiped down using appropriate sanitizing cleaner
      1. Bike is then brought back to designated location for repairs
    1. When Bikes are dropped off:
      1. Participant will leave the bike outside at the agreed upon location.
      1. EAB Volunteer will wear gloves and mouth covering
      1. Bike is wiped down with appropriate sanitizing cleaner then brought inside

NOTE: Bikes are never handled by EAB volunteer before being sanitized.

  • Repairs
    • The EAB bike shop is closed for use so repair will be done in personal residences
    • No tools will be shared between EAB mechanics
    • Once bike is sanitized EAB volunteer can make repairs in their personal workspace
    • Mechanic should wash hands before working on any bikes and after repairs are complete
  • Distribution of Bikes
    • Once Repairs are finished the bike can returned/distributed to participant
    • Pictures are taken of the completed bike (for repairs) or a couple options (for people looking for new bikes)
    • Participant will accept the quality of repairs or choose the bike they would like to receive
    • A time will be scheduled for pick up/delivery
      • If delivering EAB Volunteer should bring appropriate sanitizing cleaner with them and wear a mouth covering and gloves
      • Bike should be placed outside of the house and wiped down a final time
      • Text or call the rider and let them know the bike has been delivered
      • OPTIONAL: stay on side in your car (Or at least 6 feet away) to make sure the participant receives the bike

NOTE: When leaving bikes you must recommend that the participant wipes down the bike themselves before use as a safety precaution.