Community Guidelines

Safety might be first… No one gets hurt in an open shop…

Give & get respect. Respect the tools, Respect the process, Respect the people, not necessarily in that order. Remember to define respect so that people know what it means to respect tools/process/people/etc.

Ask if there is an issue… Ask a more experienced person if there is a question… For example, don’t know how this brake system works, and it’s a safety issue, ask a more experienced person to look it over before it goes out the door… A double checking type buddy system…

Tools go back where you found them.

Tools stay in the shop.

Inclusive Community Guidelines

• We enter with a commitment to mutual respect, mutual aid, anti-oppression advocacy, conflict resolution, anti-violence, and community building

• We respect everyone’s names, preferred gender pronouns, expressed identities and experiences.

• We support the empowerment of each person and group

• We commit to making spaces as accessible as possible: physically, socially, and personally

• We are peaceful and honest

• We respect each other’s bodies and spaces

• We commit to hearing each other and creating opportunities for all voices to be heard.

• We accept a shared responsibility to hold ourselves and one another accountable for these agreements’ intent

• We encourage open minds and open hearts

• We promote inclusive learning spaces and questions in the spirit of personal growth

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