Second-Hand Bike Sales, Parts, Service, & Sales

Used Bikes

We sell used bicycles to help fund our programs. As we do not have any dealer relationships, our selection of bicycles comes from your donations. Bicycles have been built by current WEAB Staff, Volunteers and participants. After refurbishing the bikes we offer them at low costs, so that people of all economic backgrounds have access to transportation.

Where do you get all of these bicycles? Can I sell or trade my old bike here?

WEAB DOES NOT buy or trades for other peoples’ bicycles. All the bicycles we use for programming or resale are donated. Please bring your unwanted bicycles, parts, and accessories to WEAB, WooRides, or one of the number of bike shops in the Worcester area that accepts donations on our behalf.

Where and When can I buy a bicycle?

 WEAB keeps a selection of bicycles that range from $50 to ~$200

(Non BMX) Kid bicycles are $5 and up

Adult Bicycles are $50 and up

Our sales stock can be viewed during Adult Open Shop on Thursdays from 6-9 PM or at All Ages Open Shop Saturdays from 2.30-4:00 PM. Assume we’re open unless we have have announced a closure.

To see a selection of bicycles we currently have for sale check out our ebay.

WooRides Partnership

WooRides and Worcester Earn-A-Bike are proud to announce a shared venture in used bicycle sales where WooRides will stock a selection of upcycled bicycles from Worcester Earn-A-Bike. This collaboration was born from WooRides’ worker owners’ participation as youth in WEAB’s Earn-A-Bike Program fostering bicycle appreciation and interest in sustainable transportation. WooRides is pleased to provide more tools of mobilization and bring refurbished bike sales to downtown Worcester; which enables WEAB more focus on its core mission & patrons – running programming to facilitate bicycle use and keeping on hand used bicycles more affordable in the heart of MainSouth. Together, with an eye on the future, we look forward to safer roads and culture around accessibility of complete streets for all, with an increased presence of sustainable transportation. We are grateful to have deep community roots and ownership in both organizations and believe this partnership will enhance both manifestations of our respective missions. Together we encourage bike riding as an empowering, economical, and healthy alternative to car culture.

The partnership between WooRides & Worcester Earn-A-Bike means you can now purchase a WEAB restored bicycle in downtown Worcester, right off the Worcester Common. at 44 Portland St. WEAB completely overhauls their upcycled bicycle selection to bring new life to donated bicycles, with a comprehensive 45 point inspection  WEAB originating bicycles are thoroughly examined and tested for safety and function.Our Bicycles need a new home, let it be yours. WooRides and WEAB are delighted to support each other through this collaborative joint venture, and excited to bring a valuable product offering to the larger community – the proceeds of which will support WEAB.

WooRides has a selection of bicycles that start at ~$200

22 Portland St. Monday thu Saturday 1pm-8pm


Are WooRides and Worcester Earn-A-Bike the same thing?

Nope. More like cousins. WooRides operates as a worker owner cooperative focused on sustainable transportation. WEAB is a CBS that encourages bike riding as an empowering, economical, and healthy alternative to car culture. All used bicycles are built by and sales support WEAB.


What do you need to know about buying a second hand bicycle from WEAB?

  • All bicycles have been either donated by someone like yourself, a local bicycle shop, ore reclaimed from a local recycling center.
  • Some wheel sizes are rarer than others and likely see less of these for sale. When we do have these for sale we’ll likely chat with you to make sure you know about the size of wheels your chosen bike has.
  • We offer a general repair warranty that lasts for 30 days after purchase. Of course warranty doesn’t really cover things like flat tires or self-inflicted damages (accidents, etc).
  • We accept cash, check, and major credit card
  • We’ll issue you a paper receipt that acts as a proof of purchase. You can use this in a case of needing warranty repairs or if you have other inquiries regarding the sale.





We highly encourage you to come in during open shop and tool on your own bicycle, but if you do not have the patience, or time, we offer bike tuneups. They range on price, depending on labor, and parts.









WP_20160828_23_34_19_ProWe Stop a limited selection of New Parts, and have an ever changing supply of  used bicycle parts and accessories. Stop by during our open hours to see our selection.

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