bicycle-woman435x343Worcester Earn-a-Bike is a non-profit community bicycle shop dedicated to teaching people bicycle maintenance while enabling them to earn a bike from our inventory of donated bicycles.

We aim to provide a teaching environment that allows people of all ages to learn repair and maintenance skills specific to bicycles as well as more general skills, instilling confidence far beyond the bike stand. We operate as an open shop where anyone can come and volunteer in exchange for parts and skills to earn a bike or fix up their own bike. We try to keep a reasonable student-to-teacher ratio: please be aware that our space limitations will sometimes require us to ask that people come back later if we have reached our limit. Everyone ages 9 and up is welcome.

Want to Join our Organization?

We operate as a non-hierarchical all volunteer organization, All Shop Managers are board members, and are key holders. Members who are not key holders and have less responsibility are Shop Managers in Training.We all have different responsibilities around the shop, and various skill sets in bike building. If you are interested in joining our organization we are currently looking for Apprentices. In the Apprentice track, we will provide all the necessary training, and are interested in candidates who bring energy, a love of bicycles, a thirst for knowledge, and work well in teams. We are especially interested in candidates who identify as non male, as we want to change the belief that bicycle mechanic skills belong to one sex or gender.


Please respect the space and those around you.  Be sober, be ready to tool on bicycles. Please dress appropriately, No flip-flops or open toed shoes are allowed. Wear old clothing or clothing  that you do not mind getting grease and dirt on. It’s very easy to get VERY dirty in the shop.

Our shop is located at 4 King Street (rear), Worcester, MA 01610. The shop entrance is around the back of the Stone Soup building.

 Please call 508-614-9322 or email info@worcesterearnabike.org for more information